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Temple Gremi

Монастырь Греми

Gremi is the royal fortress in the Georgian region of Kakheti, a couple of hundred kilometers from Tbilisi, not far from Kvareli.
The fortress with the Church of the Archangels – an architectural monument of the XVI century – is all that remains of the once thriving city of Gremi.
The city of Gremi was the capital of the Kakhetian kingdom in the 16th — 17th centuries. A large number of Armenians lived in the city. In the 30s of the XVII century.
The complex of the Church of the Archangels is located on a hill and consists of the Church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, a bell tower, a three-story palace and a wine cellar. It is surrounded by a wall, with towers and embrasures. The remains of a secret underground passage leading to the river have survived to this day.

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