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Lake Tabatskuri

The alpine lake Tabatskuri is located at an altitude of 1991 meters above sea level. The water in the lake is cold all year round.

What kind of lake Tabatskuri

Traveling through Samtskhe-Javakheti you can see a lot of interesting things. Lake Tabatskuri has a special place among local attractions.
The lake is unique in that it has no rivers flowing into it. Surprisingly, none of the Tabaccuri either originates. The reservoir is of volcanic origin, so the entire inflow and outflow of water occurs underground.

Due to the fact that Lake Tabatskuri is high in the mountains, the water in it is cold in winter and summer.

What’s interestnig

Going to the lake Tabatskuri interesting begins with the first steps. If you are going to go on foot, be sure to take a spare battery for the camera. On the way there will be many beautiful views.
Separately want to mention the village Tabatskuri. The village is located on a strip of land on three sides surrounded by water. Very interesting place.
You can see the “Red Church”.

How to get to Lake Tabatskuri

When planning a visit to Tabatskuri, it should be borne in mind that it will be most convenient to get here via Tbilisi or through Batumi.
Further, depending on the desire, it will be possible to get to Borjomi or to Akhaltsikhe (the center of the region). From there you have to get to the resort Bakuriani.
From Bakuriani to the village Tabatskuri there is a minibus.
We recommend to visit Lake Tabatskuri in the summer. In winter it will be much more difficult to get here.

Transport and location
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