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Mountain Khvamli

What is remarkable mountain Khvamli?

The role of Hvamli in history

It is here that the tomb of St. George is found.
According to the historical scriptures “The Life of Kartli” and the works of Vashkhuti, in ancient times the royal treasury was hidden in these mountains.
In the middle of the 20th century, research expeditions often came here. Found the remains of ancient dwellings.
According to Greek myths, this Khvamli is considered to be the site of Hercules, the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece. The entrance to the cave has the shape of the Golden Fleece. There are many legends associated with this place.

Hvamli and religion

At the top of the mountain there is a small chapel where believers gather every year on the fortieth day after Easter to celebrate the holy feast of Khvamloba.
Many people come from all over to get to this holiday. The chapel is located at the very top of the mountain. The climb is very steep, so they ride on off-road cars and horses. Many go out in advance at night and climb the mountain on foot.
Priests come here and conduct the service.
Because of the great height, often there is not had time to melt the snow.

Georgia - Lechkhumi - Khvamli (Hvamli)

Mount hwamli

The Khvamli mountain range consists of limestone. Due to this, there are a lot of different caves in the mass of the massif. People since ancient times used them as shelter from enemies.
The height of Mount Hvamli is 2002 meters above sea level. This mountain can be seen from almost any point of Imereti. The mountain is perfectly visible from the city of Kutaisi. You can see it in the background photo of Bagrati Cathedral on this site.

Mountain beauty Hvamli

The summit of Khvamli, the ascent of the mountain and the foothills are distinguished by rare beauty. Here the eye rests. It is better to go here for a couple of days and admire slowly.
When you stand on top, and below is a whole edge. From this spectacle is breathtaking.

Where is Mount Hvamli?

To get to the mountain Hvamli will have to go to western Georgia. Lechkhumi district.
If you plan to stay longer, we recommend staying in Tsageri. There is a place to take a walk and a pretty decent selection of hotels.
After a good rest we are moving towards Kutaisi.

There are two ways to get to Khvamli:
Turn left before reaching the second turn into the village of Zubi (first you have to cross the bridge and immediately after it there will be a pointer Zubi 2km ->. This will be the first turn).
The second way is to turn left before reaching the Rachha Falls and turn towards Isonderi.
As a rule, the first way is more gentle.

/!\ In both cases, we recommend driving an SUV in dry weather. If you are not sure about your driving skills it is better to find a driver!

Further in both cases there will be a rather long climb up the hill.
It is worth remembering that both the ascent and the descent will take about two hours.

Climbing on Khvamli by car can be not up to the end. The last stretch of the path a few kilometers long will have to go on foot. That is why in all the photographs at the top there are only people and horses.

Georgia - Lechkhumi - Khvamli (Hvamli) - Church

What to take with Khvamli?

Due to the fact that the road takes quite a long time, we strongly recommend taking water with you. In nature, you may have an appetite so take food too.
In order to avoid heavy fines, we recommend to bring along a garbage bag. There are garbage cans in any village, so there will be no problems with recycling.

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