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Small town Chokhatauri is a center of Chokhatauri municipality. It is located in western part of Georgia, in canyon of Supsa river, east of Black sea coast.
There are two famous resorts near:
First is balneologic resort famous for mineral waters – Nabeglavi. Mineral water here has very special taste and can be used for Treatment-and-prophylactic purposes. There are no age restrictions. Systematic consumption of Nabeglavi water help to clean harmful substances from human body and restore metabolism.
Second resort nearby is mountain resort Bakhmaro. It is elevated 1900-2050 meters above sea level. There’s a huge evergreen forest around, so there is no lack of fresh air.
Climate in Bakhmaro is very soft and pleasant: Here is comfortable temperature in winter and during summer. Fresh mountain air gets mixed here with air coming from sea, this creates favorable atmosphere to cure respiratory system and central neural system.
There are more historical sights in Chokhatauri. You can visit Museum of local Lore or take a trip to Udabno monastery. Here are many interesting things to discover.

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