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Jumati monastery

In region called Guria, not far from town Ozurgeti, there is Jumati monastery. This monastery has several buildings: primary temple – church of Archangel, Khareba church, Mirkma, bell tower and surrounding territory.
Jumati monastery played very important role in educational and social life of whole Guria. In XV-XVI century Abbot of Jumati monastery Nikolay brought from his journeys five ancient manuscripts: Gospel, Mravaltavi, Xeltkanoni, Mamata tsigni an Kitkhva-migeba.
This monastery is also known for it’s cultural and religious treasures. Here are a lot of ancient icons, manuscripts and other holy relics. Among such icon of Gavriil and Michail archangels, and golden icon of archangel Michail decorated with gems and pearls.
One relic has specific place in Jumati monastery. It is big cross decorated with gems with church shaped top made of gold. Cross has paintings of the Saints.

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