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Botanic garden of Batumi


There are lots of interesting places in eastern Georgia. One of such places is Batumi botanic garden, which is located in 9km (~5.5mi) near Batumi, 220m (~670ft) above sea level.
Garden was founded in 1880 by russian scientist Andrey Krasnov. It has area of 220ga (0.8 sq. miles).
In 1912 got open for visitors.


Batumi botanic garden is considered one of the most beautiful and famous gardens in the world. Here you can find most beautiful and rare plants such as: Japanese cherry blossom, date palm, cacti, bamboo, palm trees, magnolia, eucalyptus and cypress trees. Also park can offer all types of plants that grow on black sea coastline.
Park has several levels that descend from mountain top to sea shore. Here are pines, cypress, rhododendrons and barberry growing on top. One level lower you can find Mediterranean flora: palm trees, oleanders, beeches, laurels. Along the waistline there are New Zealand, Australian and North American plants.
We also recommend to visit Japanese and Mexican exhibits.


In botanic garden there are conducted number of interesting scientific experiments and researches. Results of this scientific work becomes public through regular printed publications.
Park also offers wide range of entertainment.

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