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Guria is one interesting region to see and to taste.

Here you can find something to see and something to eat equally great.

You probably want to visit capitol of Guria, city called Ozurgeti. There is not too much to see in town, but there are three interesting monasteries around: Achi is small church that is very well decorated, Jumati was built in the name of archangels Michail and Gabriil and also Shemokmedi church.

There is also place called Chokhatauri, it is remarkable that there are several mineral water spring around it. Nabeglavi water, which has cleaning effect for human body and Bakhmaro which is even better.

In Guria there is famous Tamar the Great’s fortress which is interesting to visit.

Last but important is Ureki sea resort which is well famous for it’s magnetic sand beach.

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